People don’t know how they may be vulnerable. Employees and execs have confidence that “I’m good”.
Here are four reasons we need to challenge their beliefs in a positive way, without causing backlash or embarrassment that hurt culture:
1. They think the organization is not a target
2. They think they are not a target
3. They think they know what the worst attacks look like
4. They think the technology will stop dangerous attacks
Before you can educate all employees on good cyber hygiene, you need to get them to recognize what they NEED to learn.
This is the kind of topic we discuss in the Live Cyber Security Awareness Forum panel sessions.
you should challenge your employees' cyber security beliefs, like you would challenge someone in a game of chess.

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It’s been a “super-fantastic” experience to see people learning and talking about security threats.

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    Scott Wright is CEO of Click Armor, the gamified simulation platform that helps businesses avoid breaches by engaging employees to improve their proficiency in making decisions for cyber security risk and corporate compliance. He has over 20 years of cyber security coaching experience and was creator of the Honey Stick Project for Smartphones as a demonstration in measuring human vulnerabilities.