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The three executive perspectives on phishing tests

There are three executive perspectives on using phishing tests - all based on their understanding of culture and/or economics.Here are the different perspectives: 1. Let's aim to REDUCE click rates  Trying to REDUCE click rates assumes a consistent, repeatable...

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How to Avoid Training Fatigue in Your Compliance Programs

How to Avoid Training Fatigue in Your Compliance Programs

Training fatigue is common with increased transformation & compliance initiatives.Security and privacy make up a fraction of the compliance training commitments required of employees. Placing additional training requirements on employees can impact corporate...

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Cyber Security

Phishing Defense

Phishing threatens businesses and opens the door to ransomware. Fight phishing and spear phishing attacks with gamified learning.

Social Engineering Defense

Social engineering scams are a serious hazard to businesses. Fight back with Click Armor.

Cyber Security Awareness for Remote Workers

Home-based workers are vulnerable to cyber attacks. Build team immunity today.

Privacy and Compliance

PCI Compliance Awareness

When team members work in an environment where they may encounter cardholder data, they need to know what to do to protect it.

Gamified HIPAA Compliance Awareness

If your business is a supplier to a healthcare provider in the USA or Canada, your team needs to know what to do to protect Protected Health information (PHI).

Gamified Learning Platform

Active Awareness Platform

Experience the power of tailored gamified learning with Click Armor. Take your security awareness training to the next level.