Who is Click Armor?

We help businesses build stronger security culture, better compliance and more effective employee behaviors for defending against cyberthreats like phishing and social engineering.

How Click Armor Became the First Fully Gamified Security Awareness Training and Engagement Platform

The Dot Com Bubble

In the late 1990’s and early 2000’s the world’s businesses were moving to the Internet. Up to that point “computer security” was mostly keeping viruses out of computers (by not sharing floppy drives) and blocking competitors from poking around inside networks.

But banking and other financial services were also starting to move to the Internet. This was when attackers began to notice an opportunity. It’s also where Click Armor’s CEO, Scott Wright, began a career in securing IT systems, as a product manager for a solution used to secure one of the first online banking systems.

The Rise of Social Networks and Mobile Devices

In the mid-2000’s, as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn grew, and the iPhone changed the way we accessed information, almost everyone was becoming connected to the Internet. And, the bad guys invested heavily in new types of malware and hacking tools to try to access that information.

After spending several years as an IT security consultant, Scott Wright concluded that the attackers would increasingly be focused on people in their attacks, as the weakest link. So, he began to write blogs and started to podcast about security awareness in 2009.

The Honey Stick Project

In the early 2010’s the Honey Stick Project was an experiment to create discussion around mobile devices and portable storage devices. That’s when Scott realized that with a unique approach that is engaging, it’s possible to reach many people to educate them on security.

By teaching numerous sessions and using online training platforms, Scott was able to help many organizations build their first security awareness programs. But there was a problem. Everyone found online security training boring, and his live sessions, while engaging, were not scalable.

If only there was a way to make security awareness fun AND effective…

Gamification Meets Awareness Training

Over the years, some customers had asked if there were any games that would make online security awareness training more interesting. But there were only “point solutions” that were expensive to build and impossible to change.

But gamification had some real promise. Based on industry research that Scott Wright studied, he discovered that the demonstrated benefits of gamification for education aligned perfectly with the needs of security awareness training.

So, Click Armor was designed to achieve a balance of education and engagement, to ensure that employees were able to efficiently absorb and practice the concepts needed to defend against cyber attacks.

We are in a perfect storm for revitalizing the security awareness training industry. We have the ability now to easily deliver engaging content that helps balance the People, Processes and Technology and strengthen the weakest link in every business.

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Leadership Team

Our deep background in cyber security, education and gamification software makes Click Armor’s leadership team unique in the industry.

Scott Wright

Scott Wright


Scott has worked in the leading edge of cybersecurity since… before cybersecurity was a thing. As an engineer with software product management experience, he began his IT Security consulting career in 2003. Somewhere along the way, Scott noticed that most people were not aware of many security and privacy risks on the Internet. However, they seemed eager to learn, when it was presented in interesting ways, and with terminology they understood from their own work environments.

So he started a blog, and then a podcast, and then The Honey Stick Project. Then he started speaking at conferences. And the more time Scott spent on helping business teams understand risks, the more obsessed he became about the fact that things were not improving. That’s when the idea for Click Armor as an integrated, gamified, continuous cybersecurity awareness platform was born.


Stephen Grant

Stephen Grant


Click Armor’s operations are led by Stephen Grant, an experienced technology operations executive. A former director of North American employee learning for a major telecommunications firm, former VP of Operations for a major gaming company, and executive at a number of enterprise SaaS start-ups, Stephen leads the development and product management teams at Click Armor.