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Phishing Awareness Training

Phishing and spear phishing attacks threaten businesses of all sizes and industries, and open the door to costly ransomware infections. It’s easy to tell employees to “be careful” about clicking links in suspicious email messages, but most employees don’t really know what that means, even after they have taken traditional security awareness training.

Click Armor’s Gone Phishin’ simulation-based course takes you through the different aspects of analyzing potentially dangerous phishing emails, and lets you practice your skills in a safe environment.

In this simulation-based course you will learn:
  • Why phishing is one of the most dangerous threats to businesses
  • How to analyze email senders and spot suspicious addresses
  • How to analyze hyperlinks and spot suspicious URLs
  • How to analyze subject lines and content to identify emotional triggers used by attackers
  • You will also practice with many simulated messages like those you might see in real life

Social Engineering Awareness Training

While phishing is still the number one threat, social engineering scams are becoming a serious hazard to business data and finances.

Click Armor’s unique social engineering simulation takes you through many of the most common types of dangerous personal interactions that people often don’t recognize until it’s too late.

In this simulation-based course you will learn:
  • Why social engineering attacks are becoming a costly problem for organizations
  • How attackers find information to use against you
  • How attackers try to manipulate you in real life attacks
  • How attackers create believable situations to make you trust them
  • How to take simple steps to avoid giving unauthorized access or information
  • You’ll get to practice with multiple simulated social engineering attack scenarios like those you might see in real-life

Arm yourself with our Expert Guide to Addressing Employee Vulnerability to Phishing Risks.

The Click Armor Active Awareness Platform

All simulation-based courses are delivered via Click Armor’s cloud-based gamified learning platform, built for security awareness training and reporting.

Gamification Features

All cyber security awareness simulations use game elements architected by expert game designers proven to increase engagement, practice and knowledge retention. Rather than watching a video or presentation and then completing a quiz like in traditional employee security awareness training, users first explore concepts using learning quizzes and challenges. Then they are placed into simulations that prepare them for real-world phishing and social engineering attacks. Added bonus: Users find Click Armor’s security awareness training to be fun as they compete against their peers.     

Executive Reporting

Click Armor executive reporting is built to measure compliance and proficiency. It provides insight into your team’s performance identifying participation rates, top performers and vulnerabilities that must be addressed. This reporting is a key part of the customer’s security awareness program and is used to focus additional training and measure improvement. 

Flexible and Scalable – Customized to your needs

The platform is designed for rapid development and deployment of cyber security awareness learning challenges and simulations and can accomodate any number of users. It can also be branded for your company, and optionally, Click Armor can create custom content for specific challenges you wish to address. Talk to Click Armor about simulations tailored to your organization’s specific security needs.