Gamified Social Engineering Awareness Module

Social Engineering has become a major threat to organizations across all industries. Learn how to fight back today with dynamic, engaging and effective gamified training.

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Social Engineering Awareness

Social engineering scams are becoming a serious hazard to business data and finances. Click Armor’s unique social engineering module takes you through many of the most common types of dangerous personal interactions that people often don’t recognize until it’s too late.


In this module you will learn:

  • Why social engineering attacks are becoming a costly problem for organizations
  • How attackers find information to use against you
  • How attackers create believable situations to make you trust them
  • How to take simple steps to avoid giving unauthorized access or information

Game elements are used to make learning engaging and fun, with greater knowledge retention.

Users are asked to make quick decisions in common social engineering scenarios and are then rewarded or alerted based on the results.

To motivate users through friendly competition, Click Armor provides a dashboard showing how individuals are performing relative to their peers.