The Click Armor Gamified Learning Platform

Experience the power of gamified learning with Click Armor. Take your security awareness training to the next level.

Click Armor’s Active Awareness Platform is designed to deliver gamified security awareness training content for employees. Gamification is proven to increase engagement by 80% – it’s simply a better way to learn.

Whether you choose to train your staff with Click Armor’s comprehensive phishing and social engineering modules or want to make your existing training content more engaging, Click Armor has a solution for you.

Gamification Engine

All security awareness training modules use game elements powered by Click Armor’s platform. Adding gamification is proven to increase engagement and knowledge retention. Rather than watching videos and presentations and then completing a quiz like in traditional employee security awareness training, users first explore concepts using learning games and challenges. Then they are placed into simulations that prepare them for real-world phishing and social engineering attacks. Added bonus: Users find Click Armor’s security awareness training to be fun as they compete against their peers.

Customized Training Content

T he platform is designed for rapid development and deployment of cyber security awareness learning modules. Do you have training content that you want to make more engaging and effective? Talk to Click Armor about custom content gamification. Additionally, standard phishing and social engineering training modules can be branded and customized for your company.

Executive Reporting

Click Armor executive reporting is built to measure compliance and proficiency. It provides insight into your team’s performance identifying participation rates, top performers and vulnerabilities that must be addressed. This reporting is a key part of the customer’s security awareness program and is used to focus additional training and measure improvement.