The interactive security training platform for Human Risk Management

Create more secure employee behavior…

        • Remediate the “clicker” problem, without annoying employees
        • Achieve better employee participation through engagement
        • Ensure more retention of knowledge for threats and risks
        • Build a more positive and inclusive security culture

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Optimize your phishing simulations

It’s hard to get good value from a phishing simulation program if it is not optimized to minimize wasted time, generate meaningful data and avoid embarrassing and costly employee backlash.

Phishing Assessment Optimizer

Engage employees rather than shaming them.

Reduce end-user vulnerability.

Increase participation.


The Click Armor’s interactive platform and content features employ proven psychological drivers that make it easy, quick and fun for employees to be constantly engaged.

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If you need assistance in creating an engaging awareness program, or just making your current program more effective, we can help.

Click Armor is a member of the Rogers Cybersecure Catalyst

Click Armor is proud to have been accepted as a member of Canada’s first cyber security startup accelerator.

Calian has been successfully using the Click Armor platform to heighten our corporate security awareness for the past 18 months. Keys to that success have been Click Armor’s gamification approach, the quality of the course content, and their willingness to tune the course material to make it more real for Calian employees.

Engagement and relevance keep the students interested and learning, and that makes them more knowledgeable and more ready to identify and react to security threats. Our objective was always to increase our corporate security readiness and Click Armor helps us do just that.

Jerry Johnston

Chief Information Officer, Calian

Before we started using Click Armor, it was always a struggle to keep our office staff educated on cyber security threats. But with this gamified approach over the past year, it’s been a “super-fantastic” experience to see people learning and talking about security threats. Click Armor has really helped improve our corporate culture and reduce our employees’ vulnerability. 

Nick Poll

Senior Manager, Information Technology, Accora Village

ClickArmor takes the mundane task of Security Awareness Training and make it fun and engaging.

Joe Collins

Owner, HACCR Services

Click Armor’s challenges really covered a lot of how attacks happen, in a nice quick session anyone could work through over their morning coffee or while waiting for a meeting to start. Excellent work!

Anthony Leece

Managing Director, Syntax Security Solutions

I have just completed the security awareness training. I think your e-learning/gaming platform is a lot of fun and a bit addictive. There is a competition going on in the office to see who can get the highest score, and I learned a lot along the way.

Jonathan Ruano

Business Analyst, Invest Ottawa

The Click Armor gamified security awareness platform provides an engaging learning experience for our employees and generates metrics for our management team to be able to monitor the cyber security awareness improvements in our organization. Security awareness is a key security function in our information security management system, and Click Armor is an important part of its success.

Allison Dysart

VP, Operations, 2Keys

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