In our second episode of Can I Be Phished? we welcome Dave Ockwell-Jenner, the VP of Information Security at Arctic Wolf. Dave helps me unbox another phishing message that is warning me that my online banking service will expire soon.

NOTE: Due to the visual nature of the phishing email analysis, the video version provides the best experience. However, I explain the key details of what I’m seeing for audio listeners.

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The Click Armor Phishing Checklist

In each episode, we’ll use our basic phishing checklist to analyze a different phishing message, so you can learn the clues about what to look for, to avoid becoming a victim. Here’s the basic Checklist:

1) Gut Feel Garbage

2) Sender Sanity

3) Link Elusiveness

4) Body Believability

The best way to use the checklist is to try to disqualify a message with each check. If you haven’t thrown out the message by the time you’re finished step 4, it’s not a guarantee that the message is safe. So, if you still aren’t sure, you should ask for help from an IT support person.

Audio Only Version Below

Special Guest for Episode #2: Dave Ockwell-Jenner

In this episode, Dave also shares his insights into what he has seen having worked in information security for a number of enterprises over the past 20 years. And he has an interesting story about tracking down a persistent piece of malware that made its way into the network of an organization he worked for.

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