Solution helps organizations prevent social engineering attacks which can lead to costly data breaches.

Ottawa, ON, Canada, AUGUST 26, 2020: Click Armor today announced the launch of its game-based social engineering training module for its gamified security awareness training platform. Designed to protect organizations from potentially catastrophic data breaches, the module teaches employees how to deal with common threat scenarios through hands-on training in a dynamic, fun and competitive environment.

Social engineering is the use of deception to manipulate individuals into divulging confidential or personal information that may be used for fraudulent purposes, including accessing corporate data and systems. The impacts of a successful attack can include direct financial loss, business disruption and reputational damage.

According to Scott Wright, Chief Executive Officer of Click Armor, the timing was right for this launch. “Social engineering has become a major threat that increases financial and reputational risk. With recent successful social engineering attacks against Twitter and other organizations, there is a clear need for effective awareness training that addresses the latest threats,” said Wright. “With our proven gamification platform, we are able to deliver social engineering awareness training that is relevant, engaging and designed for superior knowledge retention, to make employees more resistant to a variety of attacks.”

Unlike traditional security awareness training programs which typically include videos, presentations and tests, Click Armor offers game-based learning, where customers are trained in a highly interactive environment, featuring learning games, puzzles, quizzes and simulations designed by gamification experts. Competition is encouraged through the use of leaderboards, badges and awards. Gamification is considered to be a more engaging and effective way to learn. According to a recent survey, 83% of those who receive gamified training feel motivated, while 61% those who receive non-gamified training feel bored and unproductive.

The social engineering awareness training module includes the following topics:

  • Why social engineering attacks are becoming a costly problem for organizations
  • How attackers find information to use against employees
  • Techniques used to manipulate employees in real life attacks
  • How attackers create believable situations to gain trust
  • How to take simple steps to avoid giving unauthorized access or information
  • Simulated social engineering attack scenarios based on real-world threats

As the training progresses, user activity drives data that can be reported to management, to identify organizational and individual vulnerabilities with recommendations for additional, targeted training.

Click Armor’s social engineering module is available immediately, with free trials available for a limited number of users. For more information, visit

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