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“Can I Be Phished?”

Experience how gamified phishing assessments engage and educate employees, while measuring phishing vulnerability.

This free 3-minute self-assessment shows you how simple it can be to assess and educate at the same time.

Businesses and individuals are at greater risk than ever, due to an increase in dangerous emails targeting individuals with urgent messages from HR, the helpdesk and even government authorities.

“The gamification makes it engaging. It’s like real life.”

Technology accelerator employee

You can get a FREE baseline team phishing assessment for up to 100 employees…

Our free baseline team phishing assessment campaigns are quick and easy to deploy. No registration or login is required by users. We send you a full “Click Armor Cyber Awareness Scorecard” with histograms and charts for each group. Our phishing assessments provide more real insights into your team’s vulnerabilities than has ever been available before.

Watch this video to hear Click Armor CEO Scott Wright explain why you should try “Can I Be Phished?”