Thanks for applying to join the Click Armor MSP Partner Program.

Here’s what happens next!


  • Within the next business hour (9-5 Eastern time) you’ll receive an email from us to arrange an MSP Partner orientation call.
  • We’ll also send you information on our MSP Partner pricing specials and services.
  • We will set up an organization of your own on the Click Armor platform, so you can invite your team members to try out the content.
  • We’ll help plan the deployment of content to your customers within days.
  • We’ll also be happy to schedule follow-up activities with you, to identify any special arrangements you might need to get started with your first customers.
  • We value your input and look forward to your feedback on how we can make the program, pricing and experience more valuable for you.

Did you know that a gamified phishing assessment provides a whole new kind of value for you and your customers?

  • Make assessing end-user vulnerabilities a more positive experience for everyone
  • Assess end-user proficiency on spotting multiple phishing threats in a simple, 2-minute assessment “game”
  • You get a detailed analysis of who knows their stuff, and who is at risk of each type of attack
  • No registration or authentication of users is needed; just give them a special URL
  • Our off-the-shelf assessments can be customized for any kind of phishing risks
  • Go beyond phishing to social engineering self-assessments (e.g. gift card scams, help desk scams, etc.)

If you’re interested in trying our free gamified phishing vulnerability assessment yourself, just visit:

Try our CAN I BE PHISHED? gamified phishing assessment yourself, and experience the difference.