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What is a gamified phishing assessment?

While you may be familiar with “live phishing assessments” or “mock phishing campaigns”, a gamified phishing assessment is a very different way to measure human vulnerability to phishing risks, without many of the disadvantages of sending live simulated phishing messages.

How does a gamified phishing assessment work?

A gamified phishing assessment allows team members to test their skill at spotting suspicious or safe messages in a quick and fun way.

They are presented with a series of simulated messages to sort as safe or suspicious. They can be shown immediate feedback, or it can be done as a “blind” assessment that presents their results at the end of the series of messages.

Why is a gamified phishing assessment better than a live phishing simulation?

Live phishing simulations are easy to deploy, but they are actually more difficult to administer in a way that provides actionable information about a team’s vulnerability to phishing.

  1. Employees are starting to rebel against being targeted with live phishing simulations, causing harm to the corporate culture. Gamified phishing assessments are a fun and positive way for employees to learn about their proficiency and areas for improvement.
  2. It is hard to get a proper trend analysis with an “apples to apples” comparison, especially when different message topics are used in each campaign. Gamified phishing assessments provide much more meaningful data.
  3. The “click through rate” is often treated as a sacred metric by management, when there are actually many variables that make this number unreliable. Gamified phishing assessments provide multiple perspectives on proficiency and vulnerability of a team.
How do gamified phishing assessments provide more value?

A gamified phishing assessment is based on a consistent set of simulated phishing messages, where each one can exercise employees’ analytical skills, to provide a richer set of data about whether employees are actually careless, overly cautious or know exactly what to do to avoid phishing messages.

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