We had another great week of the 5-Day Challenge this week. Participants did a 3-minute challenge exercise each day.

Congratulations to ldfranks who came in 1st place, with honorable mention to mind34 and smfranks (maybe a family connection there?).

We’ll be doing one more week of the 5-Day Challenge starting on Monday. So, I’d love it if you could spread the word, to have as many in next week’s challenge as possible before we take a pause.

We received overwhelmingly positive feedback on our gamified challenge format. And we also received a lot of great ideas on how to make the challenges even more fun, engaging and educational.

Security awareness paradox

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“The challenges were so quick I was able to do them in the time it took me to sip an espresso.” – IT Security Manager


Scott Wright is CEO of Click Armor, the gamified simulation platform that helps businesses avoid breaches by engaging employees to improve their proficiency in making decisions for cyber security risk and corporate compliance. He has over 20 years of cyber security coaching experience and was creator of the Honey Stick Project for Smartphones as a demonstration in measuring human vulnerabilities.