Employees’ time is precious. But, some security awareness training is merely trivia.

Irrelevant awareness training leads to:

  • wasted time across the entire organization
  • confusion about what they should know
  • apathy about security among staff

Security awareness training should provide practical knowledge, not just trivia.

Do all employees really need to know the difference between ransomware, a virus, or a worm?

When viewing a suspected phishing message, end-users have no idea if it will trigger ransomware, a keylogger or lure you to a spoofed website.

What they really need to know is how to spot risky situations, and then follow recommended procedures for reporting and avoiding them.

Security awareness paradox

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Scott Wright is CEO of Click Armor, the gamified simulation platform that helps businesses avoid breaches by engaging employees to improve their proficiency in making decisions for cyber security risk and corporate compliance. He has over 20 years of cyber security coaching experience and was creator of the Honey Stick Project for Smartphones as a demonstration in measuring human vulnerabilities.