If you’re interested in cyber security in any way, you can easily become a Cyber Security Champion within your team, and you should. Wouldn’t it be great to be the “go-to” person for questions about security from non-technical team members?

Regardless of your job role, you should be thinking more about how cyber security impacts your own job, and the jobs of those around you. In fact, it’s more important than now than ever before that organizations have employees who work in areas outside the formal “security” roles, and who have a good understanding of how cyber security risks impact the business, without getting too technical.

No need for tech jargon or black magic

I often meet people who have a genuine interest in making their organization more secure, but they are overwhelmed by the technical jargon and “black magic” that seems to surround their busy security teams. There really hasn’t been a way to engage with employees who have the interest and energy to help make the team more secure, other than asking them to complete the general security awareness training that every employee usually needs to take.

A free webinar to learn 4 simple steps, and some free tools

With this in mind, I set out to connect with potential Cyber Security Champions by creating a webinar that explains how anyone with an interest can accelerate their career growth in this area. I call it the “Cyber Security Champion’s Career Roadmap”, and it lays out a simple sequence of initiatives you can undertake informally to become a change-maker that helps make your organization more secure.

In addition to the practical tips for expanding your knowledge, skills and connections within the roadmap, I also provide ways you can immediately make an impact by using available, free tools to become a notable source of cyber security wisdom.

Click HERE to view the webinar now. I’d love to get your feedback, and hope it helps you in your journey as a Cyber Security Champion.

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