This episode features Jeff Ton, speaker, explorer and author of “Amplify Your Value” and “Amplify Your Job Search”. Jeff has some great tips and stories for MSPs and IT professionals who want to up their game.

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The Click Armor Phishing Checklist

In each episode, we’ll use our basic phishing checklist to analyze a different phishing message, so you can learn the clues about what to look for, to avoid becoming a victim. Here’s the basic Checklist:

1) Gut Feel Garbage

2) Sender Sanity

3) Link Elusiveness

4) Body Believability

The best way to use the checklist is to try to disqualify a message with each check. If you haven’t thrown out the message by the time you’re finished step 4, it’s not a guarantee that the message is safe. So, if you still aren’t sure, you should ask for help from an IT support person.

Special Guest for Episode #8: Jeff Ton

In this episode, I explore a fake Zoom meeting invitation with Jeff Ton, author of Amplify Your Job Search, and Amplify Your Value.

We all encounter so many online meetings these days, that a Zoom invitation is a great phishing pretext. Join us as we analyze one that illustrates how this works.

Jeff is a former executive who now coaches others to maximize their potential in the IT industry. He shares insights into his experiences and lessons learned that make him a great speaker and author.

Jeff can be reached at:

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