You may be happy with the results from your end-user phishing assessments. But how confident are you that users have actually improved their analytical skills? For that, you need meaningful baseline and final proficiency tests, not just a click-through rate on arbitrary assessments. This case study shows how powerful gamified learning can be for not only phishing assessment and awareness training, but for all types of corporate awareness and assessment.

Over 3,400 users trained in phishing awareness using Click Armor’s gamified learning

Click Armor’s gamified phishing training includes a baseline proficiency simulation challenge before end-users take the course, followed by a final exam that mirrors the baseline. From data gathered on one customer with over 3,400 employees who completed the training in 2021, we have measured an improvement in the average proficiency of users in analyzing phishing messages of 50%.

Click Armor Proficiency

This result was derived from an average end-user baseline score of 56% in properly analyzing simulated phishing messages, compared to an average final test score of 84% for analyzing the same messages (randomize). In between these assessments, end-users complete a series of gamified challenges that confirm and expand their ability to analyze email sender information, hyperlinks and body content. With each lesson, they get a chance to exercise their skills in our gamified email simulator.

The dawn of a new generation where awareness training clearly improves proficiency, and drives positive culture

As far as we know, this is a first time that phishing proficiency has been measured in a way that provides statistically meaningful numbers, and represents a very impressive success rate for gamified learning in a cyber security awareness program. These results demonstrate the effectiveness of the Click Armor™ methodology and lays the groundwork for a vast array of next generation cyber and other corporate awareness training programs.

The best part is, end-users overwhelmingly find the program fun, challenging and educational. This is key to building a strong security culture.

If you’d like to see a REAL assessment of your end-users, and aim for a comparable improvement in awareness that you can show your customers, please contact us today to get a FREE BASELINE ASSESSMENT of your customers.