Most people feel they will never be targeted by attackers because they aren’t working on anything very exciting, when the reality is, anyone can and will be targeted, even if it is just as a stepping stone

Here are some reasons that you may be targeted, even if you don’t think you have anything important.

1 – You may have access to important systems. Attackers don’t always start with juicy targets. They just want to get closer to something they value, so they can launch more complex attacks.

2 – Your knowledge of internal business systems. If an attacker can make a simple inquiry to find out “who does what?” they may find an easy path to their ultimate target.

3 – Your connections to other people. You would expect people in important positions are more alert to being targeted. But their trusted friends and associates may be less careful, which can make it easy for attackers to get closer to them.

So, remember, just because you aren’t doing anything really exciting at work doesn’t mean you won’t be targeted. You can be a starting point or a stepping stone to the big prize for an attacker.