It has been my pleasure to have co-hosted 100 episodes of the Shared Security Podcast with Tom Eston. We have been practicing social distancing religiously for over 10 years. In fact, we have never met in person. Tom and I were brought together by the early “Information Security” discussion forums back in 2007, which included Michael Santarcangelo’s “Security Catalyst Forum”.

Tom’s day job is managing a team of “penetration testers” who assess the security of systems and networks, which makes him a good complement to my specialty of addressing the human awareness side of security.

Shared Security Podcast

We decided that when things like LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook started to become a regular part of all our lives, there were some inherent risks that many people didn’t realize existed. So, it made sense to start a podcast where we could raise people’s awareness of not only the apparent technical risks (through poorly implemented security), but of things like privacy and social engineering.

Since 2009, we usually covered two or three major security or privacy stories on a nearly monthly basis. We originally called it the “Social Media Security Podcast”, but around Episode 40, we could see that many of the risks we were talking about involved more than social media. We were often covering the “Internet of Things” (IoT), as well as “home assistants” and even apps that just operate insecurely. So, we renamed it the “Shared Security Podcast” – in hommage to the “sharing” nature of almost every app and website that now exists.

We have been very fortunate to have some of the security industry’s leading experts on the show. A few of them have joined us a number of times to provide updates. In this 100th episode, we reminisce about some of the interesting stories we have covered over the years, and we are happy to have had Rachel Tobac and Kathleen Smith with us in this episode to help us celebrate the milestone. We are really proud of this achievement.

Between our monthly, informal episodes, and Tom’s popular, weekly security news feed called “Shared Security Weekly Blaze”, you can learn about recent trends in security and hear our perspectives on what they mean for businesses and individuals.

You can find the Shared Security Podcast on any of the popular podcast listening apps, and you can find our home page, where Tom maintains our show notes, at:

We also have a Youtube channel where you can find video versions of many of our episodes.