Over the past year, many colleagues have heard me mentioning that I believe “Game-Based Learning” techniques can vastly improve the effectiveness of cyber security training. Well, we’ve been very busy this summer building a team to bring this concept to life as a new cloud-based solution for businesses.

This new solution is called… Click Armor™

Click Armor™ is an innovative new game-based learning tool for increasing engagement of employees in cyber security awareness and compliance programs. It also gives employers more visibility into the strengths and weaknesses of your team when it comes to knowledge and best practices in each area of cyber security.

The main things to remember about Click Armor are:

  1. Security awareness training is usually boring and difficult for employees to absorb

  2. Click Armor employs gamification using an interactive gaming engine and analytics platform that engages employees to learn… and even try again

  3. The configuration and simulation aspects of Click Armor platform allow management to tailor content and get more insightful metrics about their team’s ability to handle risk decisions

Click Armor puts employees into either games or simulated risk situations, within an integrated environment. These scenarios and challenges are engaging and fun, and encourage people to “play again”, which significantly increases their ability to retain and use knowledge.

For management, it’s as easy as… Learn. Click. Secure.

Building the Click Armor team…

All of our team members are experts, with skills in cyber security, game development, media production, product management and of course, customer service. And all the signs are pointing in the right direction right now, as dozens of managers and associates we’ve given demonstrations to have told us, “This is the future of training, and Click Armor is a new way of approaching the employee awareness problem.”

So, we have some good momentum and a clear plan of action. It’s getting very exciting as we prepare to go live.

There’s more to come soon, so join us for the ride!…

In the next few weeks and months, stay tuned to learn more about our team and our launch plans. And, we’re eager to speak with people who would like to learn more about Click Armor, and especially managers who would like to try it out with their team. If you’d like to help us shape the solution to provide better experiences for employees and better value to management teams, please reach out. We’ll show you what’s coming…