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We are currently looking for energetic, skilled individuals to help us in these areas…

Intermediate/Senior Level Full-Stack Developer

We are looking for an experienced full-stack developer to address design and coding challenges for a new kind of web application. In this role, the candidate would be taking product requirements, and creating or enhancing web front end and back end software for our SaaS-based solution.

As a start-up, we work in a dynamic and challenging environment, with great potential for growth in responsibilities and compensation. Our employees must be flexible and take initiative to solve problems with little supervision.

For more information, and to apply for this position, please submit your CV HERE.

Gamified Security Awareness Training for Motivated Learning

Click Armor is the first immersive employee training that is actually fun, and that is built on a flexible gamified content delivery platform designed for general risk awareness education, practice and assessment. Instead of focusing on completion, experience gamified challenges with real-world impact. In your free trial you will learn to detect phishing attempts. You will also experience gamification through scores, leaderboards and other motivational techniques.

Customer Feedback

I have just completed the security awareness training. I think your e-learning/gaming platform is a lot of fun and a bit addictive. There is a competition going on in the office to see who can get the highest score, and I learned a lot along the way.

Jonathan Ruano

Business Analyst, Invest Ottawa

Cyber Security

Phishing Defense

Phishing threatens businesses and opens the door to ransomware. Fight phishing and spear phishing attacks with gamified learning.

Social Engineering Defense

Social engineering scams are a serious hazard to businesses. Fight back with Click Armor.

Cyber Security Awareness for Remote Workers

Home-based workers are vulnerable to cyber attacks. Build team immunity today.

Privacy and Compliance

PCI Compliance Awareness

When team members work in an environment where they may encounter cardholder data, they need to know what to do to protect it.

Gamified HIPAA Compliance Awareness

If your business is a supplier to a healthcare provider in the USA or Canada, your team needs to know what to do to protect Protected Health information (PHI).

Gamified Learning Platform

Active Awareness Platform

Experience the power of tailored gamified learning with Click Armor. Take your security awareness training to the next level.

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