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See how quick and effective security awareness engagement can be, by completing five daily, 3-minute Challenges.

Learn how gamification drives more more ongoing value for your security awareness program, to augment or replace traditional programs.

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Why participate?

  1. You’ll be inspired by new insights into gamification for cyber security awareness
  2. Receive the satisfaction of knowing you’ve helped a scrappy startup in innovating to advance the state of the security awareness industry from the sad condition it’s in right now. It really does deserve a better solution!
  3. You may even learn some good tips to protect your home or business information.

Here’s what you’ll see in your
5-day Cyber Challenge Stream experience…

Daily challenges

Keep cyber security awareness skills sharp with daily Challenges


Direct email links

We deliver an email to your inbox so you can easily access each Challenge.

Takes only 3 minutes

Three new cyber scenarios each day that exercise your skills.


Gamified and interactive

Performance and participation points drive anonymous leaderboard rankings.

Virtual inbox and social simulators

Realistic email and social situations exercise employee decision-making.

ClickArmor takes the mundane task of Security Awareness Training and make it fun and engaging.

Joe Collins

Owner, HACCR Services

It really covered a lot of how this happens in a nice quick session anyone could work through over their morning coffee or while waiting for a meeting to start.

Excellent work!

Anthony Leece

Managing Director, Syntax Security Solutions

How the Click Armor 5-day Cyber Challenge works...
  1. The 5-day, anonymous competition among registered participants showcases Click Armor’s new Cyber Challenge Streams™ solution for regular awareness engagement.
  2. On an upcoming Monday when the next Challenge starts, you and other participants will receive a registration email from the Click Armor platform, and you’ll see the first Cyber Challenge available. Please make sure to check your spam folders if you don’t see your invitation. You can contact us for assistance by using our contact form at:
  3. You’ll receive a daily notification over the subsequent 4 days, when each new Challenge becomes available throughout the week of the trial.
  4. Each Cyber Challenge consists of one of a variety of gamified exercises or simulations.
  5. You’ll get points for selecting the correct response, as well as for exploring the explanations and tips.
  6. Once you’re finished, you’ll see a summary of your results and points earned, and can return to the portal to see the leaderboard of anonymized participants’ rankings.
  7. If you complete each daily Cyber Challenge before the next one is released, you’ll have achieved a “streak“, which will show up on your Challenges card in the portal.
  8. While this Cyber Challenge Stream lasts only 5 days, the full solution available from Click Armor for your organization is designed to be ongoing, on a weekly basis, to drive sustained security awareness of cyber security risks between refresher courses.

If you have any other questions about Click Armor, please use our CONTACT FORM.

More about Phishing Challenge Streams

Phishing Challenge Streams will help you:

  • Maintain regular engagement with employees to keep cybersecurity awareness top of mind.
  • Build employee confidence in their readiness for facing new cyber threats.
  • Reinforce cyber security learning from your foundational security awareness courses.
  • Provide senior management with reports that show real assurance data, for compliance and readiness over time.

Phishing Challenge Streams include the following features:

  • You can define how often Challenges will be sent to users (e.g. weekly, monthly, etc.)
  • Employees will be notified via personalized email, with a link directly to their current Phishing Challenge.
  • Employees can earn points anonymously on their organization’s leaderboard.
  • Employees can build streaks, as recognized accomplishments, by completing each challenge before the next Phishing Challenge becomes available.

If you have any questions, please our CONTACT FORM.

I have just completed the security awareness training. I think your e-learning/gaming platform is a lot of fun and a bit addictive. There is a competition going on in the office to see who can get the highest score, and I learned a lot along the way.

Jonathan Ruano

Business Analyst, Invest Ottawa

Click Armor’s immersive phishing awareness simulations represent a huge step forward in awareness training, with greater learning and engagement than traditional solutions.

Hawley Kane

VP, Organizational Development, 2Keys

When we moved to a fully remote workforce on short-notice we wanted to be certain that our employees had the skills to deal with new cyber security challenges. Click Armor’s Home Alone module proved to be an engaging and effective way to give our employees the skills they need to work safely from anywhere.

Norman Carr

President, TRM Technologies

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