Phishing Challenge Streams™

The most important breakthrough in security awareness training since live phishing assessments.

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Phishing Challenge Streams are the only effective way to maintain employee readiness to face phishing threats

Before Phishing Challenge Streams, traditional security awareness training programs always left a gap where employees’ ability to spot phishing attacks deteriorated rapidly after taking foundational training.

With Phishing Challenge Streams from Click Armor, employees receive a different gamified exercise every week, which builds their attack resistance, adds a new, interactive dimension for reaching staff with security messaging, and continuously strengthens the organization’s security culture.

Phishing Challenge Streams include:

  • Weekly notifications that provide a focal point for security awareness
  • A different 3-minute, gamified phishing exercise that is fun and educational
  • Virtual Inbox Phishing Simulator™ that replicates actual phishing clues and techniques
  • Points, leaderboards and streaks that provide social motivators and peer support for maintaining skill levels
Challenge Animated

Phishing Challenge Streams are highly interactive to improve employee engagement. Short challenge exercises make them easy to consume, with gamification in every click.

Challenge Dashboard

Phishing Challenge Streams integrate with any existing organization’s Click Armor foundational security awareness training.