Webinar: Getting the most value from your phishing assessment campaigns

Your organization can’t afford to waste time or money on “assessments” that have a greater chance of causing problems than helping assess and improve employee phishing awareness.

Why do people hate employee phishing assessments so much?

People do actually want to know how to work more securely, but often, they feel that the training isn’t very helpful, or even that it is counter-productive and harmful to the corporate culture.

It’s especially challenging when there’s an “US vs. THEM” dynamic in the organization, and every time a phishing assessment is conducted, it seems like a covert operation. I’ve heard the word “HATE” from both the employees who are the subjects, and the managers who must run them.

If you’re a manager or executive who is responsible for security awareness in your organization, there is a good chance you’re either running “phishing assessment campaigns” now, or are considering using them. There are some good reasons to be doing them. But do you know what it takes to get the most out of these assessments?

Getting better data, employee response and management reporting

Over the past 10 years, I have run phishing assessments and training for organizations with thousands of end-users. And I’ve identified some of the most important pitfalls that can impact your phishing awareness program’s data accuracy, employee response and management reporting. This webinar has tips for addressing each one of these risks.

Join us to learn how you can use our “Phishing Assessment Optimizer” to recognize and avoid the pitfalls of doing “live mock phishing exercises”.

And as a special bonus, at the end, I will show you how Click Armor has been able to measurably improve employees’ ability to spot phishing messages by 50% with a much more positive end-user experience, richer vulnerability data and none of the unpredictable hassles involved with live email campaigns.