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Find out how organizations are reducing employee phishing vulnerability by 60%, and reaching compliance goals much faster.


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ClickArmor takes the mundane task of Security Awareness Training and make it fun and engaging.

Joe Collins

Owner, HACCR Services

The challenges really covered a lot of how this happens in a nice quick session anyone could work through over their morning coffee or while waiting for a meeting to start. Excellent work!

Anthony Leece

Managing Director, Syntax Security Solutions

Calian has been successfully using the Click Armor platform to heighten our corporate security awareness for the past 18 months. Keys to that success have been Click Armor’s gamification approach, the quality of the course content, and their willingness to tune the course material to make it more real for Calian employees.

Engagement and relevance keep the students interested and learning, and that makes them more knowledgeable and more ready to identify and react to security threats. Our objective was always to increase our corporate security readiness and Click Armor helps us do just that.

Jerry Johnston

Chief Information Officer, Calian

Before we started using Click Armor, it was always a struggle to keep our office staff educated on cyber security threats. But with this gamified approach over the past year, it’s been a “super-fantastic” experience to see people learning and talking about security threats. Click Armor has really helped improve our corporate culture and reduce our employees’ vulnerability. 

Nick Poll

Senior Manager, Information Technology, Accora Village

Click Armor’s immersive phishing awareness simulations represent a huge step forward in awareness training, with greater learning and engagement than traditional solutions.

Hawley Kane

VP, Organizational Development, 2Keys

When we moved to a fully remote workforce on short-notice we wanted to be certain that our employees had the skills to deal with new cyber security challenges. Click Armor’s Home Alone module proved to be an engaging and effective way to give our employees the skills they need to work safely from anywhere.

Norman Carr

President, TRM Technologies

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Copyright 2022. Click Armor. All rights reserved.

Copyright 2022. Click Armor. All rights reserved.