Click Armor receives BDC financing to accelerate penetration into cyber awareness market

Ottawa-based gamification platform will use new BDC funding to transform industry employee awareness training, assessment and engagement programs in high-risk verticals

OTTAWA (ON), January 12, 2022  –  Click Armor Corp (“Click Armor”) is pleased to announce that the Business Development Bank of Canada (BDC), the bank for Canadian entrepreneurs, is now a Click Armor financing partner.

Click Armor is a Canadian software platform that helps corporate employees avoid costly phishing and social engineering scams through proven gamification techniques. Founded in Ottawa and supported by the Invest Ottawa (IO) Accelerator, Click Armor delivers a highly interactive online environment that motivates employees to practice making important risk decisions within engaging challenges and simulations.

With the rapidly escalating number of cyberthreats that target employees, businesses need every employee to be able to spot and avoid potentially risky situations. Click Armor’s gamified phishing awareness course has a proven record of improving employees’ ability to spot phishing messages by 50%, resulting in a positive impact on corporate culture and resilience to malicious cyberattacks.

Click Armor’s new BDC financing will enable rapid growth through more focused direct sales activities and marketing programs that spotlight the immediate value for customers from gamifying their awareness programs. Companies in industry sectors that have high-value information-based business models, such as financial, healthcare and pharmaceuticals are particularly sensitive to losses from cyberattacks that target their employees with phishing and social engineering scams.

“BDC has been a great partner in helping us create the optimal financing structure for growing our revenues,” said Scott Wright, CEO and co-founder of Click Armor. “This is an exciting milestone for us in  leveraging our equity as a startup, to increase customer traction, demonstrate value and show success in B2B markets outside Canada.”

“We are thrilled to be partnering with Click Armor to scale their innovative, gamified approach to the critical area of corporate employee cyber security awareness,” said Chikei Yeung from BDC’s Tech Industry Team. “The Click Armor team is well-positioned to take full advantage of BDC’s financing, and we are excited to be helping this promising Canadian startup transform corporate cyber security programs internationally.”


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