Free 30 minute webinar

With Scott Wright

CEO of Click Armor

Awareness Training Success Framework Recording
  •  Frustrated with low employee participation in awareness and compliance training?
  • Looking for a new way to deliver content that meets the unique needs of “awareness” programs?
  • The Awareness Training Success Framework provides a different perspective that explains why traditional Learning Management Systems and video-based training platforms frequently suffer from low participation and completion rates.
  • Topics covered in this 30 minute presentation include:
    1. The 3 key objectives of awareness training that must be finely tuned for balance
    2. Why employees don’t engage with traditional methods of awareness training delivery
    3. Why programs that appear to be engaging still fail
    4. Why programs that meet only short term management objectives are doomed
    5. The 5 secondary requirements for driving short term engagement and long term awareness
    6. Demonstration of how Click Armor implements the requirements effectively