The Ottawa Cyber Security Challenge 2020

Add some excitement to your October (National Cyber Security Awareness Month), and learn how gamified learning for cyber security awareness training improves defensive skills to reduce cyber risks.

The Challenge is now closed!

Please attend the Ottawa Cyber Security Meetup on November 17 to hear the announcement of winners.

About the Challenge

Compete against others on the leaderboard for prizes!

Learn some important tips you may not have known before


Play with an "anonymous" display name

Sign up now and get invited to engage in October. (More details to come.)

If you are interested in setting up a cyber security awareness challenge of your own for an organization or to promote interest in a cause, please CONTACT US by submitting a form with details.

Participation Details

  1. Competition starts October 15, 2020.
  2. There is no cut-off date, so you can join any time before October 30, although you won’t have as much time to complete the Challenge modules.
  3. Content is generally business related, involving typical corporate interactions. Students may find some content unfamiliar.
  4. Anyone can join. However, if you are not familiar with Ottawa events or people, you will find some content less meaningful to you. But it’s a game, so just do your best!
  5. Gift card prizes from $25 to $100 will be awarded for the top participants on the leaderboard as of noon on October 22, and as of noon on October 29th.
  6. A draw will be made to award one participant an Apple Watch SE.
  7. All registered participants will receive a notification to activate their accounts on the Click Armor platform when the competition starts.
  8. Participants will be able to create a “public display name” that will be shown on the leaderboard. Display names can be anonymous. However, objectionable or offensive names may result in a participant being disqualified.
  9. Businesses are encouraged to identify teams to compete for best total score (for bragging rights).
  10. Check this page for updates during the event.
  11. DISCLAIMER: While we will do our best to run this challenge as fairly as possible, this is the first event of its kind. We may need to limit the number of participants at some point to keep the event manageable. So, please be patient if you experience any issues. It is meant to be a fun, educational and inclusive event.
  12. Questions can be sent to

Gamified Security Awareness Training for Motivated Learning

Click Armor is the first immersive employee training that is actually fun, and that is built on a gamified learning platform designed for cybersecurity awareness. It’s the best way to learn defensive behaviors.

Experience gamified challenges with real-world impact. With a free trial, you’ll see how Click Armor’s motivated learning goes well beyond points, badges and leaderboards, to reinforce good behaviors.

Customer Feedback

I have just completed the security awareness training. I think your e-learning/gaming platform is a lot of fun and a bit addictive. There is a competition going on in the office to see who can get the highest score, and I learned a lot along the way.

Jonathan Ruano

Business Analyst, Invest Ottawa