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Like many managers responsible for cyber security awareness programs, you may feel alone, unsupported and overwhelmed. The free Cyber Security Awareness Forum™ (CSAF) is here to help you.

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Here’s a sample recording from our live session on “Measuring and changing security culture” with Kai Roer…

Origins of the Cyber Security Awareness Forum

The CSAF is hosted by Click Armor®


After having taught security awareness for over 15 years, Scott Wright found that there were a lot of IT and security managers struggling with serious issues around how to implement their security awareness programs.

Every organization is different, so there is a need for security awareness program managers to collaborate and learn from others’ successes and failures. However, many managers are reluctant to share information about their security programs with others. So, there has been a gap where everyone had to learn how to do it all themselves.

An informal and inclusive community

To shed light on the problems of security awareness that many organizations face, beyond their training platforms, Scott began to hold live sessions where IT and security managers could share and discuss challenges.

As managers are able to see the common issues they all face, the Cyber Security Awareness Forum has quickly become a place where trusted panelists can help others learn from their experiences in managing security awareness programs.

In each live session, we take polls and get real responses from attendees, which allows us to discuss and share lessons learned.

As of November 1, 2023, we now use the website for streaming our panel discussions and sharing resources.


Our Vision

The CSAF aims to be an informal gathering place for CISOs, IT and security program managers, and even security champions from other business areas, to raise questions for discussion and build their confidence in developing, sustaining and evolving an effective security awareness program for their organization.

To be invited to our future sessions simply complete the form on this page and become part of the CSAF. This will also allow us to invite you to future sessions, where you can ask questions, see responses from panelists and attendees, and make comments in the live chat.

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