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Gamification is the future of online learning

While online learning has been growing over the past 10 years, traditional static content delivery via learning management systems is beginning to stagnate. This is especially true for compliance and awareness training courses, where learners are inherently less motivated to engage than for career skills they need to do their jobs. The Click Armor® platform is designed to motivate learners with gamified challenges and simulations that keep their minds focused on the content. Numerous instructional designers have said that Click Armor is an innovative platform that is very powerful. Now, we are looking to leverage that power through your experience and knowledge. If you are interested in learning how gamification can help you transform your career and improve your results, please complete the form below to continue the discussion.    

Benefits to instructional designers and subject matter experts from learning to develop gamified training content on the Click Armor® platform:

  • Build more visually engaging content easily
  • Use interactivity to keep attention focused
  • Use gamification elements like points, progress and leaderboards to drive social engagement
  • Create baseline and final tests that use simulation scenarios for more meaningful results
  • Measure and report on participation and proficiency
  • Use “implicit learing” in ways similar to popular gamified language apps

Learners are placed in realistic scenarios and asked to make choices. They are rewarded or given feedback accordingly.

Click Armor’s email simulation and social simulations provide common situations where learners need to identify clues for situations they should avoid.

To motivate learners through friendly competition, Click Armor provides a dashboard showing how individuals are performing relative to their peers. And administrators can check on the team’s participation, compliance and proficiency.

Find out how Click Armor® can help you become a content development leader and expert in gamified learning for awareness and other types of training, to meet your clients’ needs, by submitting the form below.

When we moved to a fully remote workforce on short-notice we wanted to be certain that our employees had the skills to deal with new cyber security challenges. Click Armor’s Home Alone module proved to be an engaging and effective way to give our employees the skills they need to work safely from anywhere.
Norman Carr

President and CEO, TRM Technologies