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Oops! This was a phishing test to keep your cyber skills fresh…


Here are the clues you should have spotted:

1) Sender address

The sender address in this email was:

Any automated message to Calian employees should originate from the or domain.

2) External email warning banner

Legitimate email system warnings should not come from external senders. The warning banner indicates that the sender of this message was external.

3) Link target URL

The link target URL in this message began with:

An automated message should link to a or domain.


Tip: Automated system notifications that appear to come from trusted senders can be tricky. This message was trying to exploit your curiosity about email messages that you may have missed, and also your trust in what appear to be automated system messages. When you receive unexpected notifications that trigger an emotional response, try to pause for a moment and check to see if it is legitimate or not.

[ Screenshot of Spam Filter Email ]

Always check for suspicious elements:

        • Senders

        • Links

        • Attachments

        • Body content

For assistance or information about this phishing simulation campaign, please contact your Service Desk.