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About Click Armor

We help organizations build a “cyber herd immunity” against phishing, social engineering scams and other risks related to human behaviors. 

Leadership Team

Scott and Stephen have known each other for decades, and both are excited to be building a platform that will change the way employees defend themselves and their organizations against the latest cyber security threats.

Scott Wright


Scott has worked in the leading edge of cybersecurity since… before cybersecurity was a thing. As an engineer with software product management experience, he began his IT Security consulting career in 2003. Somewhere along the way, Scott noticed that most people were not aware of many security and privacy risks on the Internet. However, they seemed eager to learn, when it was presented in interesting ways, and with terminology they understood from their own work environments.

So he started a blog, and then a podcast, and then The Honey Stick Project. Then he started speaking at conferences. And the more time Scott spent on helping business teams understand risks, the more obsessed he became about the fact that things were not improving. That’s when the idea for Click Armor as an integrated, gamified, continuous cybersecurity awareness platform was born.

Stephen Grant

Stephen Grant


Click Armor’s operations are led by Stephen Grant, an experienced technology operations executive. A former director of North American employee learning for a major telecommunications firm, former VP of Operations for a major gaming company, and executive at a number of enterprise SaaS start-ups, Stephen leads the development and product management teams at Click Armor.

Phishing Awareness Training

Phishing and spear phishing attacks threaten businesses of all sizes and industries and open the door to costly ransomware.

Social Engineering Awareness Training

Social engineering scams are becoming a serious hazard to business data and finances.

Cyber Security Awareness Training for Remote Workers

With the rush toward home-based work, employees are now vulnerable to new cyber security threats.

Active Awareness Platform

Experience the power of gamified learning with Click Armor. Take your security awareness training to the next level.

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