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“Can We Be Phished?”

Coronavirus Edition

Assess how vulnerable your employees are

to COVID-19 related phishing attacks.

Worried that employees “Working From Home” can be tricked by COVID-19 related phishing messages?

Attackers are exploiting the new reality of changing IT procedures and widespread disinformation with scams targeting employees’ confusion and desire for important news.  It’s time to see if your team has the necessary skills to spot phishing messages.

See if your team is prepared for messages that simulate:

  • IT helpdesk staff with changing procedures
  • HR managers with updates for personnel
  • Pandemic advisories from health agencies
  • Government news about special programs

…with 3 minutes of their time.

Haven’t tried the free “Can I Be Phished?” challenge yourself yet? Try it now!

“The gamification makes it so engaging. It’s more like real life.”
– Midsized Non-profit Employee

Assess your team now & start eliminating phishing risks  

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